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Key Takeaways

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What is the Polestar ITSM Simulation

Polestar ITSM is a highly immersive simulation that brings to life the challenges of implementing Service Management best practices in the context of a realistic and interactive scenario. This unique experiential learning approach creates accelerated understanding of Service Management and is often used to support digital transformation.

How does the Polestar ITSM Simulation Work

A facilitated in-room event, the Polestar ITSM simulation is designed to demonstrate the benefits of applying Service Management best practices (e.g., ITSM, ITIL, Lean) to maximize performance within a simulated retail business (Polestar).

The Objectives

The objective of the Polestar business is to generate maximal revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction by driving operational efficiencies via a blend of successful interventions. The business is underpinned by several key products and services that are highly dependent on IT to operate effectively. When IT is unavailable, or slow to respond, the business is impacted.

Participants play a variety of roles across Business, IT Service Desk, IT Operations, and IT Development teams. In the early stages, the organization is siloed, but participants quickly start to collaborate to align priorities and blend processes, tools, and systems with the goal of driving the business forward.

The simulation is delivered over several rounds, and typically, in the first round, participants will experience the following:

  1. Sub-optimal business performance
  2. Teams working hard but not set up for success or seeing positive results
  3. Low customer satisfaction scores
  4. A chaotic and highly reactive experience

Simplayfi Round Cycles | Crawl Walk Run

The event is driven throughout by a culture of continuous improvement aligned to best practices, with each trading period (round of the game) punctuated by a series of reviews, self-discovery (“Aha!” moments), expert facilitation, and detailed planning.

By the end of Round 4, and the simulation close, groups typically:

  1. Collaborate towards a common vision and set of goals
  2. Mature best practices, systems, and processes
  3. Breakdown down organizational silos
  4. Experience an ITSM transformation journey
  5. Understand what it takes to deliver successful business outcomes

How does the Polestar ITSM Simulation align to ITIL and ITSM

Polestar ITSM has a proven track record as the world’s leading ITSM and ITIL simulation supporting many of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises globally.

The true value of experiential simulations lies in the connections between the experiences and actions of the participants and the corresponding experiences and actions evident in the real world. The simulation has been designed to provide an abstracted – but compelling – demonstration of the organizational, process, and product issues that exist at the enterprise level.

ITIL v3 Alignment

Polestar ITSM is fully aligned with the ITIL v3 framework. Coverage includes but is not limited to:

  1. 5 KEY STAGES of the service lifecycle (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Delivery and Continual Service Improvement)
  2. 4 FUNCTIONS (Service Desk, Application Management, Technical Management and Operations Management

ITIL v3 Service Lifecycle | Simplayfi

Ordinarily, the Polestar ITSM facilitator will focus on those areas, processes, and functions most relevant to the audience. Some Polestar ITSM partners deliver the ITSM simulation as part of their ITIL v3 courses.

ITIL v4 Alignment

The Polestar ITSM simulation has been updated to align with the ITIL v4 framework in order to ensure that:

  • ITSM is executed in a more agile way
  • Participants understand value stream mapping
  • There is an increased focus on ITSM as a strategic capability in order to deliver business value
  • Key stakeholders understand and adopt ITIL v4

What are the benefits of using the Polestar ITSM simulation

Fundamentally, the simulation is designed to win ‘Hearts and Minds’ and enable participants to experience a multi-year ITSM transformation in a single day. The simulation resonates with a variety of stakeholder profiles (from CIO to Service Desk Agent), and the messaging can be aligned to relate to the customer’s own current challenges.

As part of an overall ITSM transformation program, the ITSM simulation can drive a significant increase in awareness, engagement, and adoption.

Polestar ITSM can be applied to a variety of use cases, including:

  • Leadership strategy alignment events
  • As part of an overarching ITSM transformation program
  • Targeted improvements across all IT support teams
  • Team building events (particularly cross-function)

Throughout the event, powerful parallels are drawn to the current challenges, opportunities, and next steps that most organizations must take to propel their ITSM initiatives to the next level, providing a significant game-changing experience by increasing adoption and momentum in driving change. Polestar ITSM:

  • Provides the opportunity for participants to solve ITSM-related challenges through repetition and reinforcement
  • Allows for risk-free business decision-making, strategizing, and problem-solving
  • In addition to ‘winning hearts and minds’, participants will draw on their own experience, and take home best practices, techniques, strategies, and ideas that will help to drive transformation back in their own workplace.

Who owns the Polestar ITSM Simulation

Polestar ITSM (originally developed by G2G3) is currently owned by Sunburst Simulations Limited ( as part of their portfolio of leading business simulations. Over 250,000 people, at many of the world’s biggest corporations, have had breakthrough insights through their award-winning Polestar ITSM and DevOps simulations.

Sunburst licenses the simulation to delivery partners globally.

“As a Sunburst premier partner, we believe that Polestar ITSM continues to lead the world with a proven global track record at supporting transformation across some largest and most complex enterprises. In our opinion, no other event (virtual or otherwise) comes close to delivering the value offered by Sunburst’s Polestar ITSM Simulation as an immersive experience”.

– Stuart Laing, Head of Delivery, Simplayfi


In summary, ITSM simulations navigate complex real-world challenges through engaging gameplay, typically supported by an industry expert facilitator, and are often used as key components of enterprise IT transformation programs.

ITSM simulations can also be used as part of other change management tactics and strategies to help raise awareness, increase engagement, enhance knowledge retention, and to drive adoption of ITSM best practices in a highly engaging, proven, and innovative way.

Is your organization currently looking for ITSM training or trying to win ‘hearts and minds’ to drive IT transformation? Are you looking to break down organizational silos and expand the ITSM conversation beyond traditional reactive, fire-fighting activities towards a more agile and proactive business partner? If so, why not reach out to us for a chat?

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