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Strengthening Unity in Modern Workplaces by harnessing Simplayfi’s Business Simulations

People have always been at the heart of any business, and this is no less true in the digital age. The workplace has undergone significant change follows the COVID-19 pandemic.

The widespread adoption of remote and hybrid working models has fundamentally altered team dynamics, emphasizing the need for new strategies to promote unity and cooperation.

Team building events have re-emerged as a vital tool in this context, fostering collaboration, enhancing communication, and boosting morale in a workforce that may be physically separated yet digitally connected.

Effective Team Building events are powerful tools to ensure teams are open to constructive feedback, communicate effectively, and demonstrate trust and empathy.

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"Team building exercises only hold value if they are aligned with the company’s priorities and business goals…"

What You Get

Simplayfi’s portfolio of business simulations are ideal for organizations who wish to blend typical team building dynamics within a business context and provide real-world learning that can be applied back in the workplace.

Team Building Features | Simplayfi

Team Building Simulations

Game-changing business experiences designed to help strengthen unity within your business.

Our business simulations offer more than just a fun and engaging team building experience; they provide a unique opportunity for experiential learning that aligns with real-world business practices.

All of our simulations are effective team building events. Furthermore, our clients will often select a particular simulation to align with a particular business theme. Our current portfolio of simulations includes:

Customer Excellence Simulation

A dynamic journey to customer loyalty, growth, and advocacy.

Polestar ITSM Simulation

A high-impact way to create breakthrough understanding of ITSM.

DevOps Ways of Working

An interactive experience demonstrating the business value of DevOps.

Effective Selling Simulation

Helping our clients deliver better sales outcomes using innovative approaches.

Simulation details

These simulations offer hands-on experience in a safe environment where mistakes are not just allowed but encouraged as part of the learning process. This low-risk setting enables teams to experiment, iterate, and ultimately understand the principles of their chosen focus area. Furthermore, they promote the application of this newly acquired knowledge in their everyday work, fostering continuous professional growth.

Team Building Event Structure

During the Team Building event, participants simultaneously build their skills, deepen their understanding, and foster cohesion within the group.

Duration: 1 day
Format: In-room, facilitator-led workshop
Participants: 10 - 16

Sample agenda

9:00 AM: Welcome and Introductions
9:30 AM: Getting started
10:00 AM: Level 1: Play and Review
11:00 AM: Break
11:10 AM: Level 2: Plan, Play and Review
12:40 PM: Break for lunch
1:10 PM: Level 3: Plan, Play and Review
2:40 PM: Break
2:50 PM: Level 4: Play, Plan and Review
4:20 PM: Close and depart

Using Experiential Simulations for Team Building

Simplayfi specialize in facilitating Team Building to drive business change and effectiveness. They can be used for:

Enhancing Collaboration

Simulations unite diverse employees for common challenges, fostering collaboration and cross-functional learning.

Boosting Morale

Simulations allow employees to step into different roles and situations, fostering understanding and empathy within the organization.

Building Trust

Simulations help to build trust, laying the foundation for open communication, collaboration, and shared success.

Demonstrating Empathy

Demonstrating empathy within a team fosters a supportive environment where members truly understand and care for each other's perspectives.

Conflict Resolution

Skillful conflict resolution in team building cultivates open communication, paves the way for creative solutions, and strengthens team cohesion.

Promoting Creativity & Innovation

Simulations spark a dynamic synergy where diverse ideas converge, driving the team to explore new horizons and achieve breakthrough results.

Strengthening Team Cohesion

Simulations nurture a sense of unity, mutual trust, and shared goals among members.

Cultivating Leadership Skills

Simulations empowers individuals to guide, inspire, and collaborate with their team members, fostering an environment of growth and achievement.

Simplayfi simulations go beyond simple team-building. They are designed to enhance both individual and team competencies, fostering not just a stronger team, but also a more skilled and informed one. As such, our business simulations represent a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to team-building – one that offers lasting benefits and tangible skills that go beyond the event itself.

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