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Experience a multi-year ITSM transformation journey in a single day

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Envision, align, and transform with the world’s leading ITSM simulation

The challenge of executing world class Service Management in today’s IT enterprise is more demanding than ever with an ongoing demand from to deliver better business experiences in a more agile, scalable, and sustainable way.

Businesses are aware that this often requires transformation across the IT organization, with changes to behaviours, processes, and ITSM platforms.

Centered around a one-day experiential event, using Sunburst’s world-leading Polestar ITSM Simulation, we will help you articulate your IT Service Management vision, establish alignment, and drive engagement and adoption across your enterprise. An immersive group experience, the simulation will see your team work together like never before, with everyone pulling together with a common purpose and a shared goal.

Polestar ITSM | Simplayfi

"This was an amazing immersion experience with a high value practical workshop that helped us understand delivering value to a business."

— Recent simulation player

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Business Problems

In our experience many of our customers encounter many of the following ITSM related problems within their businesses.

Inability to operationalise ITSM best-practices
Lack of IT agility in supporting and enabling business change
Lack of engagement and adoption from within IT
Disparate ITSM processes and platforms
Organisational silos
Sub-optimal customer experience and low satisfaction
Inability to understand and manage risk
Breached service level agreements
Lack of Knowledge and shared Knowledge
Inefficient and costly, e.g., assignments, onboarding, support
Lack of scalability and sustainability
Low rates of first call resolution
Highly reactive mindsets

Is your business

In need of a fresh ITSM vision and strategy?

Struggling to drive transformation across your business?

Having difficulty in winning the hearts and minds?


The Polestar ITSM Simulation

A game-changing business experience designed to help you revolutionize ITSM within your enterprise.

The ITSM Simulation event uses experiential dynamics to draw on powerful parallels with the current challenges, opportunities, and next steps that most organizations must take to propel ITSM to the next level, providing a significant game changing experience by increasing adoption and momentum in driving change.

Brings to life the people, process and technology issues faced by organizations and provides a high-impact, energetic way to create breakthrough understanding, across multiple ITSM processes.

In addition to ‘winning hearts and minds’, participants take home best practices, techniques, strategies and ideas that will help to transform your business tomorrow.

Potential applications
Leadership Strategy Envisioning / Alignment Events
Targeted Improvements within IT Support Teams
As part of an overarching ITSM Transformation Program
Single or Cross-Function Team Building Events
Employee or Partner Onboarding Events
Recruitment Selection Events
Polestar ITSM | Simplayfi

The Polestar ITSM Simulation

All Simplayfi delivered simulation events are highly immersive, in room experiences delivered within a single day

Produces demonstrable mindset changes
Increases engagement levels
Accelerates learning
Bridges the gap between theory and practice
Provides an opportunity to see how people operate in practice (under pressure)
Delivers exceptional return on investment (ROI)

Target audiences

The Polestar ITSM simulation is an ideal envisioning tool to bring together the thought-leaders across your organization responsible for defining and executing your IT Service Management strategy and the Practioners responsible for executing this day-to-day including, but not limited to:

ITSM Process Owners / Managers
IT Leadership
ITSM Centers of Excellence
IT Service Desk
Development and Operations (L2 & L3 Teams)
Business Relationship Manager’s

Do you have a passion to drive a transformation and a need to win the hearts and minds of others within your organization? If so, the Polestar ITSM Simulation can serve as a powerful catalyst in helping you to execute your change strategy.



The Polestar ITSM simulation creates ‘a-ha’ moments that can help your teams visualize and apply solutions to common people, process, and technology issues in an enterprise IT context:

Unified vision and team alignment
Customer-first culture
Best practice process awareness
Breaking down communication silos
Business alignment and prioritization
Power of Knowledge-centered service
Balancing Agility and Risk
Value of integrated Release management
Power of toolset integration
Value of role clarity
Overcoming reactive firefighting
Value of the CMDB and service mapping
Unified vision and team alignment
Customer advocacy
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