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G2G3: An early history

Have you ever wondered what happened to G2G3, the world’s leading provider of business simulation games? If you are asking this question, you are probably already aware that during the early 2000s, G2G3 had a meteoric rise in the global enterprise simulation business.

During this period, G2G3 partnered with the world’s leading IT vendors, including Microsoft, HPE, IBM, BMC, and CA Technologies, to develop and deliver bespoke experiential simulations. These solutions were designed to provide a realistic and engaging experience, which replicated real-world situations, to win hearts and minds – and to allow participants to practice and develop their skills in a safe, risk-free environment. The simulations have been credited with helping these organizations achieve significant improvements in service quality, customer satisfaction, and cost reduction.

In addition, G2G3 supported transformation programs at some of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises, including Thomson Reuters, Bank of America, Merill Lynch, Bank Of New York, ANZ Bank, RBS, abrdn, Swiss Re, Barclays Capital, Eli Lily, Bank of Tokyo, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, State Farm, DHL, BlueCrest, AT&T, BAE, BHP Billiton, BT, EON, and many more – as well as fast-growing newer players like Atlassian.

Recognition included a Gartner Cool Vendor award in 2012, and a Computing DevOps Excellence award in 2017.

Capita acquires G2G3

In 2016, Capita, a UK-based business process outsourcing and professional services company, announced the acquisition of G2G3. The acquisition was part of Capita’s strategy to enhance its digital and technology capabilities and expand its range of services.

G2G3’s expertise in delivering innovative and engaging simulations to enhance workforce skills and improve business outcomes was seen as a strategic fit with Capita’s existing business. The acquisition also strengthened Capita’s ability to offer end-to-end digital transformation solutions to its clients, from design and implementation to training and change management.

G2G3 continued to operate as a separate business unit within Capita, retaining its brand identity. The acquisition enabled G2G3 to leverage Capita’s global reach and resources to expand its offerings and accelerate its growth.

The vision was to provide G2G3 with the resources to enter new markets and expand its customer base, working with a wider range of clients across industries and geographies.
Overall, the acquisition of G2G3 by Capita was a strategic move that brought together two leading companies in their respective fields, creating a stronger and more diversified offering for clients seeking digital transformation and skills development solutions.

Despite the immense value continuously demonstrated by the G2G3 portfolio of simulations in supporting global transformation and enterprise change, without the bold, innovative leadership that made G2G3 a global success, sadly, the vision was never realized.

Capita released the simulation portfolio to Sunburst Simulations on 1st April 2022.

“The King is dead, long live the King.”

The Sunburst portfolio of simulations

Sunburst Simulations took over the G2G3 portfolio in early 2022, with a vision of continuing to support and grow an extensive global network of delivery partners and market demand. In addition, Sunburst recognised the need to modernise and extend the portfolio to meet current global challenges whilst maintaining the essence of what made the G2G3 simulations incredible learning experiences and transformational tools: providing employees with opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge in a fun and engaging way, helping organizations create a culture of continuous learning and development.

Stu McDonald, Director of Sunburst, and Head of Software at G2G3 for many years:

Our simulations are of enormous and unique value to our Clients and Partners: they’re hugely impactful; they connect with people in a way that is impossible to achieve by other means and – crucially – they’re fun!

Our simulations command great enthusiasm and loyalty from our clients. So much so that we regularly get contacted by people who participated in a sim years ago, and they still vividly remember the experience, and see how it can enable them to illustrate the way forward in their current situation.

Knowing all this, it was a very easy decision for me to seize the opportunity to revitalise the G2G3 portfolio. I’m very excited about the future of experiential learning: we have just begun to scratch the surface of the transformations that we can help our clients achieve through our experiences.

Polestar ITSM (IT Service Management) simulation

Draws on powerful parallels with the current challenges, opportunities, and next steps that most organizations must take to propel IT service management to the next level, providing a significant game-changing experience by increasing adoption and momentum in driving change.

You can find out more about Polestar ITSM here

Esprit Ways Of Working / DevOps / Agile simulation

Demonstrates the business value and positive impact of applying the principles of DevOps and Agile to an organization’s ways of working, breaking down silos and “shifting left.”

You can find out more about Esprit DevOps simulation here

PPM simulation

Used to accelerate understanding, involvement, and acceptance of Project and Portfolio Management best practices in organizations

Cloud simulation

Used by large enterprises and cloud vendors looking to bring to life the benefits of cloud computing and illustrate the benefits and trade-offs involved in choosing a cloud strategy.

Simplayfi: A strategic partner

As a strategic partner of Sunburst, Simplayfi is committed to delivering world-class solutions to our clients to support their transformation journeys. We worked closely with G2G3 and now Sunburst for many years, building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship that benefits our clients.

As a strategic partner, we can offer a level of simulation customization and personalization to meet unique client needs and challenges. We work closely with Sunburst to develop bespoke simulations that meet those needs.

Whether designing a custom simulation or creating a personalized training program, we are committed to delivering the best possible outcome.

Our dedicated team has decades of experience in helping Fortune 500 and global enterprises transform their ways of working using simulations and associated consulting services.


G2G3 was the world’s leading provider of experiential simulations and training solutions that help organizations improve performance, enhance customer experience, and drive digital transformation. The company’s simulations provided a safe, risk-free environment for participants to practice and develop skills while improving engagement and motivation using game mechanics.

With a long history, G2G3 established itself as a trusted partner for businesses across various industries, helping them achieve their objectives and drive their success through experiential learning.

As digital transformation continues to reshape the business landscape, Sunburst, the new custodian of the simulation portfolio, is well-positioned to help organizations adapt and thrive in this new environment.

About Simplayfi

At Simplayfi, we have over 15 years of experience supporting large complex organizations globally in leveraging experiential business simulations to engage their teams and drive cultural change and business transformation.

Customer Excellence Simulation

A dynamic journey to customer loyalty, growth, and advocacy.

Polestar ITSM Simulation

A high-impact way to create breakthrough understanding of ITSM.

DevOps Simulation

An interactive experience demonstrating the business value of DevOps.

Email us to book a 30-minute free consultation with one of our industry experts to discuss your specific challenges and explore potential business simulation solutions that may support your current initiatives.

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