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The biggest obstacle to DevOps success is people

The DevOps simulation experience is a highly interactive, role-based experiential learning workshop, focused on the software development and deployment lifecycle. The simulation is highly realistic, and leverages game dynamics to empower cross-functional teams with a shared vision of successful DevOps practices.

Participants from a variety of disciplines (Business, Development, Test, QA and Operations) are immersed into a simulated environment whereby they are challenged to release new products whilst internal and external forces continually change. This realistic approach delivers a level of tension and excitement that creates an ‘A-HA!’ moment for all involved.

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"Currently, DevOps is more like a philosophical movement, not yet a precise collection of practices, descriptive or prescriptive."

Gene Kim (co-author The Dev Ops Handbook and The Phoenix Project)

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Obstacles to success

In our experience most enterprise organizations identify the largest single threat to the success of DevOps adoption as being PEOPLE as opposed to process, technology, or information.

Poor communication
Lack of buy-in to DevOps
No shared DevOps vision
Absence of trust
Lack of accountability
Failure to collaborate

DevOps drivers

Before a lot of the cool tools and practices can be fully leveraged, successful DevOps is driven by:

Cultural transformation

A shared vision

Behavioural change


The DevOps Simulation

A game-changing business experience designed to create breakthrough understanding to drive DevOps transformation within your enterprise.

Resistance to change is the biggest barrier to DevOps adoption; and the best way to overcome resistance of this kind is to clearly communicate the DevOps case for change. The Sunburst (formally G2G3) DevOps simulation is a highly interactive experiential learning workshop which demonstrates the business value and positive impact of a DevOps approach.

The Simulation event uses experiential dynamics to draw on powerful parallels with the current challenges, opportunities, and next steps that most organizations must take to propel their DevOps initiatives to the next level, providing a significant game changing experience by increasing adoption and momentum in driving change.

In addition to ‘winning hearts and minds’, your participants will take home best practices, techniques, strategies and ideas that will help to transform your business tomorrow.

Potential applications
Leadership Strategy Envisioning / Alignment Events
Targeted Improvements within Development and Infrastructure Teams
As part of an overarching DevOps Transformation Program
Single or Cross-Function Team Building Events
Employee or Partner Onboarding Events
Simulation Aims

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The DevOps Simulation

Is an unforgettable experiential workshop that brings DevOps value to life.

The DevOps simulation event demonstrates the value of DevOps, within the context of a business and technology model and is designed to highlight the benefits to organizational performance of DevOps solutions.

The simulation shows how simulated process improvements and cultural change can be used to automate defined processes to leverage business performance improvement within your enterprise.

Drives alignment and buy-in around a shared DevOps vision and culture
Accelerates adoption of DevOps across the enterprise
Accelerates a positive DevOps culture, turning resistors into advocates
Engages people on the journey to DevOps future state
Clearly communicates the DevOps case for change
Is high-impact and realistic, using game dynamics
Provides experience of Development and Operations work together as a high performing team

Target audiences

The DevOps simulation is an ideal envisioning tool to bring together the thought-leaders across your organization responsible for defining and executing your DevOps strategy and the practitioners responsible for executing this day-to-day including, it is suitable for but not limited to:

Development Teams
Service, Process & Integration roles
The wider business
Tool and services vendors promoting or supporting DevOps solutions
IT Leadership


The DevOps simulation provides an impressive and engaging ‘WOW!’ experience creating ‘a-ha’ moments that can help your teams visualize and apply DevOps solutions to common people, process, and technology issues in an enterprise IT context:

Increased levels of collaboration
Reduced silo mentality
Shared vision and goals
Shared success measures
Reduced cost to quality
Reduced time to test
Accelerated time to market
Continuous application delivery
Ability to release more and faster
DevOps Cycle | Simplayfi

Do you have a passion to drive a transformation and a need to win the hearts and minds of others within your organization? If so, the DevOps Simulation can serve as a powerful catalyst in helping you to execute your change strategy.

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