Customer Excellence Simulation

Experience a 2-year customer excellence journey in a single day

What's it all about

A dynamic journey to customer loyalty, growth, and advocacy.

In today’s constantly changing landscape, achieving customer loyalty, growth, and advocacy requires a greater focus than ever before. Customer excellence touches many parts of the modern enterprise and often requires significant transformation to deliver the experiences customers have come to expect from today’s leading businesses.

Simplayfi’s Customer Excellence Simulation recreates real-life business challenges and provides the opportunity for participants to apply proven best practice methods and techniques, and to experience a customer excellence journey in a single day.

Customer Excellence Simulation | Simplayfi

"The simulation helped me to visualise a path forward for us to deliver a higher standard of service to the business"

— Recent simulation player

What does a 2-year customer excellence journey looks like

Deliver Awesome With Customer Service Simulations | Simplayfi

Tackling Your Customer Challenges

We created the Customer Excellence Simulation to help our clients overcome some of the most prevalent customer-experience challenges:

High customer and employee churn

Indicating a lack of satisfaction and loyalty, which can harm the reputation and profitability of the business

Poor fit customers with low growth potential

These customers can drain resources and impede business growth

Low-satisfaction customer experiences

Low satisfaction can lead to decreased customer loyalty and negative word-of-mouth, harming a business's reputation and revenue

Breached service targets

Missing service targets can lead to dissatisfied customers, low trust, missed opportunities, and decreased revenue

Siloed organizations, information and mindsets

A lack of effective communication and collaboration can create inefficiencies, reduce productivity, and hinder innovation

Lack of scalability and sustainability

This can prevent a business’ growth over the long term, limiting its ability to adapt to changing market conditions and meet current and future customer demand

Inefficient and costly processes

These can lead to decreased productivity, increased costs, and reduced profitability, ultimately hindering the organization's ability to compete and succeed in the marketplace

Low rates of first-contact resolution and limited self-service

Leads to higher costs due to an increase in call volume, additional customer support costs, and increased customer dissatisfaction, as well as negatively impacting customer loyalty and retention

Do you have a passion to drive a transformation in these areas and a need to win the hearts and minds of others within your organization? If so, the Customer Excellence Simulation can serve as a powerful catalyst in helping you to execute your change strategy.

A Game Changing Experience

Simplayfi’s Simulation is designed to help you revolutionize the customer experience within your organization. Using serious business game techniques and expert facilitation, our simulation guides participants to discover and apply best practice methods that have real-world application.

The simulation can also be a powerful mechanism for winning hearts and minds across an organization driving toward:

Modernized customer experiences
A unified customer-centric vision and culture
Streamlined customer support and success models
Increased customer retention and advocacy
Good-fit customers with growth and success potential
Simulation Benefits

All Simplayfi simulations are highly immersive, in-room experiences delivered within a single day that will provide an exceptional return on investment.

In addition to winning hearts and minds, participants take home best practices, techniques, strategies, and ideas that will help to transform your business tomorrow. The Customer Excellence Simulation can help you to:

Foster customer-centric mindsets
Increase levels of engagement
Accelerate learning of customer excellence concepts and practices
Bridge the gap between theory and practice
Observe how your people perform in different situations

Key themes

During the day participants will observe the results of their continual improvements across many areas

Is it for you

Target Audiences & Applications

The Customer Excellence Simulation resonates with many different roles within an organization and for a range of practical applications.

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Potential audiences

Customer Success Teams
Sales & Marketing
Agents & Support Teams
Product/Service Managers
Transformation Program Leads

Potential applications

Targeted improvements within Support Teams
As part of a customer excellence program
Single or cross-functional teambuilding
Recruitment selection events
Employee or partner onboarding
Leadership strategy alignment
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